Meet Our New Associate Principals!

GBBN recently recognized the leadership of five employees whose passion and dedication advance our work, support their colleagues, and drive positive change in our communities.

Tiffany Broyles Yost: A knowledgeable, passionate leader of GBBN’s sustainability and resilience strategies, Tiffany works closely with design teams to craft and execute sustainability measures that result in excellent, long-lived buildings that are operationally efficient for our clients. A prolific writer and presenter, Tiffany shares GBBN’s design excellence point-of-view at local, regional, and national conferences.

Dean Furlan: A consistent voice for design excellence and quality in both project deliverables and built environments, Dean anticipates and mitigates project challenges before they arise. A strong advocate of leveraging both the experiential and technical aspects of design, Dean leans in to challenging conversations with expertise, respect, and the spirit of collaboration.


Troy Malmstrom: Troy consistently tests the boundaries of what we can offer through fabrication, design, and technology. An active mentor and teacher at GBBN, Troy integrates all skill levels into fabrication and digital design processes and creates an environment where people want to learn and test the boundaries of what’s possible.


Stephen Mrdjenovich: A Passive House champion within GBBN and with clients, Stephen leads teams to deliver projects that stand the test of time, in both operational efficiency and in how they support people’s sense of wellbeing. He is a sought-after mentor among early career architects and designers because they feel heard and respected when on his team and, with his support, they’re able to achieve their own goals on projects.

Stephanie Shroyer: Stephanie works closely with teams and clients so everyone on a project understands the ‘why’ behind design decisions and then she works collaboratively to find the right ‘how.’ She brings design and documentation mastery to her work while respecting team diversity and amplifying others’ ideas.


Congratulations to our new Associate Principals!