Troy Malmstrom

Associate Principal | Director of Computational Design & Fabrication

Viewing architecture through his interests in building, woodworking, and fabrication, Troy is committed to the principle that the most elegant solution is the one that solves multiple problems in a single stroke. He also believes that understanding how building components and materials are fabricated creates openings for more elegant designs. As fluent in computational design as he is in the processes of physical making, Troy works with designers, manufacturers, fabricators, and builders to ensure design intent from its inception to its execution. Outside of the office, Troy unwinds—and finds inspiration—by travelling and spending time in his wood and metal shop (where there’s always a piece of furniture on his workbench).

Professional Highlights

Presenter, “Digitally Fabricating,” AIA Ohio Lecture, Presentation & Panel Discussion

Presenter, “Parametric: Making,” ACADIA Regional Conference – Parametricism

“Fabrications,” Gallery Exhibit of Current Works, Louisiana Tech University, Enterprise Center

Faculty Advisor, “College of Liberal Arts: Undergraduate Research Symposium Award,” Louisiana Tech University

News & Insights