Douglas Richards


Associate Principal

Always a builder, Doug has a passion for taking an idea and making it real. His knowledge of building systems, design, construction and client relationships is what makes him an asset to any project. An excellent problem solver and communicator, Doug brings projects to fruition by keeping his eye on the bigger picture – on the design problem that needs solving. Outside the office, you might find Douglas volunteering with AIA Cincinnati’s Vision Program, an award winning, nationally-recognized leadership program designed especially for emerging architects, which he co-founded.

Professional Highlights

Chair & Co-Founder, AIA VISION Leadership Program

Recipient, AIA Ohio Mentor Award

Treasurer & Co-Founder, Homestretch Hounds Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

Past President, AIA Cincinnati

Former Chair, Cincinnati Design Awards

News & Insights

“I like dogs. They personify traits we should all work towards: they are inquisitive, affectionate, playful and calming…plus they pick up the food I drop on the floor.” - Douglas Richards