Scott Kyle



Scott has chosen a diversified road within design, building, and life experience to shape a broad view about architecture. With over 25 years of experience designing and managing mixed-use, educational, healthcare, housing, recreational, and community revitalization projects he has made versatility his specialty. His recent work includes Mercy Health’s Deerfield Township Medical Office Building and the University of Kentucky’s Varsity Tennis Center. Outside the office, Scott can usually be spotted on and off the soccer field wearing one of three hats: Proud parent, coach, or player.

"In the 8th grade I removed all the parts, and paint, from my road bicycle – then rebuilt it from the bare frame up with new components and new paint. Hindsight shows it was a curiosity and the desire to reshape that was driving me. I would say it was the methodical process in that rebuild that inspired my interest in the creative, practical art in putting things together. And bicycles have been a part of my life since." - Scott Kyle