Oliver Mullikin

Drawn to the intersection of architecture and technology, Oliver likes digging into the technical details that make a design work. As a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Specialist that’s precisely what he does. Working with colleagues across the firm, Oliver helps design teams manage and organize their project data and visualize their work to ensure the integrity their design. Outside the office, Oliver continues to hone his design chops by studying animation and video game design. He also finds ongoing inspiration in movies, most notably 80’s horror.

bird on tree “I have always enjoyed the freedom experienced by nature, especially birds. Being able to capture a snippet of that freedom, since they move around so fast and being able to predict their location is such a fun skill to sharpen. This Nuthatch decided to land on the tree directly outside of my bedroom window the day after I bought a new camera lens. I like to think he was lending me a hand.” - Oliver Mullikin