Yuan Yuan

From playing with Legos as a child to being awed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris as a young high school graduate, Yuan has always been inspired by architecture. She is passionate about being part of the creative process from start to finish: culture study, coordination, construction design, etc., namely on the Emerald Avenue Sales Center, the Blue Ocean City Sales Center, and the Guoan Mansion project elevation design. Outside of the office, she enjoys traveling and letting her imagination run wild on creative endeavors, from handcrafting leather goods to building mini models. She also likes to spend time with the dog and two cats she cares for with her husband, Chen.

"The photo I chose is a handmade leather card holder I made. I like making handmade crafts such as a leather bag, a miniature model, or a lego. It forces me to focus on one single detail every moment when I sew up the leather or glue petals together, and making decisions on my own ways of thinking based on the existing technique and equipment. It is exactly the same way I produce architecture." - Yuan Yuan