Erin Schmidt



Erin is dedicated to integrating nature holistically into a project’s design from concept to completion. With an empathetic ear, an open mind, and a discerning eye, Erin works closely with leading healthcare providers to create design solutions that de-institutionalize medical environments. Her most recent work includes Cincinnati Children’s College Hill Behavioral Health Campus Addition. Outside of work, Erin finds inspiration in the natural beauty of the Ohio River valley on camping trips with her family.

Professional Highlights

Presenter, “What Does Workspace Have to do with It?,” Healthcare Design Conference

Presenter, “It’s Not Working: A Fresh Approach to Patient Experience,” Healthcare Design Conference

Presenter, “Identifying the Positive in Oncology Environments,” Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

News & Insights

"Arriving in Jackson…my favorite place to fly into." - Erin Schmidt