Chris Guignon



Chris’s interest in architecture connects back to summers spent visiting historic sites in the mountains of Japan, where he was struck by the interplay between the natural and built environment. As he sees it, architecture is about more than buildings. It informs our understanding of our place in the world—shaping how we live, how we interact with others, and how we connect to the environment. Chris creates sustainable designs by extending these questions into the future to ensure the built environment continues to support the needs of its inhabitants. With ten years’ experience designing high-performing architectural projects, Chris is an engaging colleague and a resource for sustainable design.

Professional Highlights

Adjunct Faculty, University of Pittsburgh, Architectural Studies Program

Board of Directors, Contemporary Craft 

Co-Presenter, Etna: World’s First EcoDistrict, AIA Build Pittsburgh 2023

Co-Presenter, Visualizing Environmental Justice (And Doing Something About It), Climate Awakenings Forum

News & Insights

House with sidewalk in front "A brisk evening walk in our neighborhood. Seeing the world anew through my children’s eyes is one of the great joys in my life. Perspective is everything.” – Chris Guignon