Julia Schenk


Sharing the passion of her mother, who was a nurse for 30 years, Julia worked in healthcare operations for over 15 years herself before joining GBBN. In that time, she fell in love with design and construction. Excited by the creative process, Julia loves working with others to generate ideas that will transform the way healthcare is delivered. A relationship builder, she fosters collaboration between designers and clients, and helps health systems create spaces that meet their operational needs and bring comfort to their inhabitants. Outside of work, Julia finds joy when she immerses herself in nature or in conversations with friends.

Professional Highlights

Presenter, Art in Healthcare, ADC Art Summit

News & Insights

"With a nickname of Snow White, I share a kindred spirit with animals, who tend to seek me out and really show their personality. At my friend’s house in Montana, Badger decided to show his appreciation for his daily apple, carrots, and head scratches." - Julia Schenk