Aaron Anderson


Principal | Market Design Leader - Healthcare

Aaron’s boundless curiosity and willingness to get lost—in cities, podcasts, music— keep his creative antennae attuned to new avenues, ideas, and riffs that lead to unexpected design solutions. Whether he’s drawing on these experiences or the experience of designing award-winning architecture in Beijing (like Vanke’s Park 5), an expansive sense of the possible enables Aaron to design deeply empathetic and joyful spaces. Patients, families, and medical staff benefit from this in projects like Cincinnati Children’s Family Pet Center, Cincinnati Children’s Clinical Services Pavilion, and Mercy Health’s Mason Montgomery Ambulatory Care Building. Outside of work, Aaron can reliably be found supporting the unique passions of his five kids.

Professional Highlights

Chair of Board of Directors, Brighton Properties, Inc.

Ex Officio on Board of Directors, Brighton Center, Inc.

Graduate, AIA Cincinnati’s VISION Leadership Development

News & Insights

"This personal postcard, from the Blink Cincinnati Festival, motivates me to bring to light the soul of any environment. It is inspiring to witness a million diverse visitors, united as one, and delighted by the visual kaleidoscopes emphasizing architecture, art, technology. This is proof that enhanced experiences empowers communities!" - Aaron Anderson