Matt Scott



It’s unclear just how far back Matt’s love of architecture stretches, but it is documented in a time capsule he made in fourth grade. Adept at balancing competing demands, Matt works closely with healthcare clients (nurses, doctors, patients) to understand their needs and create supportive, healing spaces. He’s especially satisfied to see clients go from habitually accommodating a space that impedes their work to effortlessly using a space that meets their needs. Outside the office, travel feeds Matt’s creativity, allowing him to gain a fresh perspective on design.

Professional Highlights

Alumni, AIA VISION Leadership Development Program

1st Place, Graduate Studio Design Excellence Award, University of Illinois

Recipient, Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal, Miami University

Past Member, City of Cincinnati, Young Professional Kitchen Cabinet

President, Architecture Student Advisory Council, University of Illinois

News & Insights

"Running allows me to slow my thoughts and connect with my body…It also makes more room for Skyline!" - Matt Scott