Meet our New Associates!

GBBN recently recognized the leadership of twelve employees who not only do their jobs exceptionally well, but whose thoughtful action cultivates excellence in others. They include the following:

Sean Cottengim exhibits an innate curiosity and passion for design that inspires his team, gains the trust of clients and contractors, and fosters the ambitions of any project he works on.

Katie Coulson is quick to diagnose potential issues and identify possible solutions. A trusted advisor to our clients and advocate for our projects, she also cultivates the talent of other designers.

Jessica Dole works with employees across GBBN to foster individual and firm growth. Her creation of a comprehensive professional development program at GBBN contributes to the success of all.

Blaise Durio is a talented designer and a thorough project architect. Working with complex clients and project teams, he builds trust and consensus around compelling design solutions.

Marc Janty is a resourceful, thoughtful, and thorough problem solver. He is known for identifying design problems and working collaboratively to find and validate the best solution.

Daniel Luegering believes in the power of great design. His energy and confidence help rally his coworkers to push for constant improvement.

Troy Malmstrom is a natural teacher. Making his knowledge of fabrication and computational design accessible to his colleagues, he elevates design across the firm.

Matt Nett is a thoughtful and trusted colleague, who contributes to the betterment of others while attending to the details that make a project successful.

Elizabeth Schmidt’s insight and her commitment to finding the best solution improve any project she touches. Her experience, empathy, and expertise benefit clients and colleagues alike.

Cassidy Staver knows that excellent design is grounded in communication. An active listener, Cassidy’s understanding of our clients’ needs enables her to find creative solutions to project challenges.

Mandy Woltjer is a skilled problem solver who looks at issues from multiple angles, brings more people’s voices to the table, and resolves design issues in a compelling way.

Tyler Zembrodt is a good listener and learner, who contributes to the success of others while pushing the designs he works on to be the best they can be.

With a group of Associates like this, GBBN’s future looks bright. Congratulations to all our new Associates and thank you for everything you do!