Chandler Philpott

Once a set decorator for a small production company, a mental health specialist at a leading psychiatric hospital, and a visual installations production manager for a celebrated music festival, Chandler’s interest in design has embraced a variety of experiences that continue to inform his thinking. As an architectural designer within GBBN’s healthcare market, Chandler puts his broad-ranging curiosity and patience to work in uncovering the unexpected—unexpected histories, problems, and solutions—for our clients. Outside the office, you might find Chandler tending to his many plants, making ambient music from field recordings, or searching out new sea shanties.

"“What do you do?” doesn’t have to mean “What do you do for work?” I was able to build this interactive LED bike from the ground up for BLINK 2022 and display it in the GBBN lobby over the weekend. Sometimes “what you do for work” and “what you do” happen in the same place, and those moments can be pretty sweet!" - Chandler Philpott