Madeline LaPlante


Drawn to the way architecture integrates art, hard science, business, and the human sciences, Madeline relishes the challenge of a profession that keeps her on her toes. A project architect with over a decade of experience, she works with clients and colleagues to design efficient healthcare spaces that improve the lives of the patients and staff who use them. An advocate for efficiency but also places for respite, Madeline is known for clear communication, attention to detail, and the ability to anticipate issues before they arise. Always expanding her horizons, Madeline is forever trying (and sometimes failing at) new things, like improv comedy, skateboarding, and voice lessons.

Professional Highlights

Co-Chair, AIA VISION Leadership Program

Big Sister, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati

Youth Mentor, Corryville Catholic Elementary


"I’m often inspired by the work of engineers. From the Roman aqueducts and the first sewer systems to structures by Eladio Dieste and Santiago Calatrava, it’s fascinating to see how these kinds of structures have evolved and how much impact they’ve had on people’s daily life throughout history." - Madeline LaPlante