Drew Grandjean

Within days of touring Ohio State University’s Knowlton Hall, Drew resolved to study architecture. He was drawn by its romance: the amazing building, the models, the sketches. It was intoxicating. This sense of wonder still persists. He loves seeing an idea go from sketch or model to becoming a part of our material reality. He also loves how architecture draws on wide-ranging knowledge—of science, of history—as it strives to build a better world. An excellent communicator, Drew’s eye toward the bigger picture helps him discover the best design solutions available in any situation.

“I ride a few different bikes, but my fixed-gear is the only one I built myself. It’s always a work-in-progress, but it’s been my daily driver (in 4 different cities). Cincinnati is a challenge though… my current gear ratio is no match for all these hills.” -Drew Grandjean