Jervy Zhu


Principal | Managing Director China

With both a Master of Architecture and an MBA Jervy helps clients envision their place in the future. He leads clients through the decision-making process, showing them how well-designed space can empower them to fulfill their mission and achieve their goals. Jervy oversees GBBN’s Beijing office and helps guide projects of all types and scales to completion, including Crane Pavilion, Purple Jade Resort, and Suzhou Science & Technology Hospital. Jervy supports a team culture by leading and mentoring staff on design, project management, innovation, and industry trends

Professional Highlights

Speaker, GBBN Business Advancement – An Architecture Practice in China Since 2002, National AIA Conference

Professor, Beijing University of Technology, College of Architecture and Planning

Advisor for the Academic Committee, “The Gold Nugget Awards, China”

News & Insights

“Architecture’s beauty and inspiration exist even when the building is not completed, and each designer has his or her own intentional state of mind of completeness.” – Jervy Zhu