Chris Bartell



Through the study of art, Chris came to realize that art and beauty are all around us – you just have to take the time to see it. The built environment is a part of this. Using light, mass, abstraction, and materiality, architecture can—and should—foster beauty within our daily lives. Understanding that architectural problems always allow multiple solutions, Chris fosters collaboration with colleagues and clients, because this is the best path towards creating better, more meaningful projects. In keeping with his openness to multiple solutions, Chris reports that getting a little lost can be the best way of recharging his creative energies, because it helps him reframe his view and approach the familiar in new ways.

Professional Highlights

Student Mentor, Cincinnati Design Lab

Best in Show, “Aquaponics: Hyper-Production,” Art as Architecture Competition, AFC 

"Santa Maria do Bouro Convent – The windows feel like paintings that you just want to step into." - Chris Bartell