Phil Rowland

Associate | Graphics Manager

When people walk through a space, what they experience impacts how they feel. Graphics Manager Phil Rowland uses a variety of techniques, such as visual note taking and storyboarding, to help clients successfully integrate their brand into a project. Phil works to blend imagery, wayfinding, and storytelling seamlessly with architecture and interior design. His environmental graphics expertise helps connect people to their surroundings in powerful and memorable ways. Outside the office, you 'll find Phil combining his love of drawing and college football through his stadium sketch series on Instagram.

Professional Highlights

Globe Grantee Winner, You Are Here, People’s Liberty

Speaker, Mapping Over-the-Rhine, OTR Museum

Muralist, 17W8 Covington Mural, Renaissance Covington

Muralist, Mapping Queensgate, Cincinnati Museum Center

"Great ideas emerge from imagination and possibility, not being realistic" - Srini Pallay