Mark Lee


Associate Principal

Whether he’s wind surfing off Hatteras Island in North Carolina, tucking into a bowl of homemade, diabolically spicy kimchi stew, or trying to express the natural world in the built environment, Mark brings tenacity and creativity to all his projects. His recent work includes the University of Louisville Physicians Novak Center for Children’s Health, and The Ohio State University’s East Regional Chilled Water Plant. Mark also leads GBBN’s High Performance Building Initiative, which focuses on improved project delivery and energy performance.

News & Insights

"Windsurfing takes the ability to negotiate many variables simultaneously: wind speed and direction, choppiness of the water, balance, strength, agility, and knowledge to select the right equipment: the size of sail, board and fin. Although I am far from a technical master, it is something to which I aspire every season. There is nothing in my life more exhilarating that skimming across the water at 35 MPH." - Mark Lee