Daniel Luegering



Daniel works fast: He loves to test and fail in repeated succession, to get his thoughts out there to discuss, evaluate, and evolve. It’s all in the interest of creating places that shape how people see the world, whether it’s an arts venue or a hospital. When he’s feeling contemplative, he turns to gardening or his coin collection, some of which dates back to antiquity— including a Roman coin from 115 AD.

Professional Highlights

Treasurer, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra

Featured design work, Architecture: A Timely Matter, UCLA Press

Co-Curator, Cincinnati Builds the World, Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati

Alumnus, AIA Vision

Alumnus, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber C-Change

“Unscripted, but highly specific…I find inspiration in spaces that emerge organically, vibrant because of the cacophony of voices which give them life. In this instance, the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan.” – Daniel Luegering