Sarah Kusuma Rubritz



Sarah likes to solve the little puzzles of her projects, then to step back and see the cumulative difference of each small decision. In her work on higher education, healthcare, cultural, and workplace projects across the country, Sarah has honed her talent for seeing the big picture without losing sight of the minute details that catapult a project beyond client expectations. Her holistic approach to architecture starts with in-depth research—and is carried out with the tenacity that got her a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

News & Insights

“I’ve always been interested in the future extraterrestrial, and I’ve become more interested in building beyond here and now. This is a diagram of Earth time compared to Mars time, one larger site force impacting building for Mars. The creation of new materials and technology help us move forward, and (slowly) changes the way we think about creating? If I wasn’t an architect maybe I’d be an astronaut, for now let’s focus on Earth.” – Sarah Kusuma Rubritz