Jennifer Sebranek

Associate Principal

Jennifer freely cops to singing along loudly (and unabashedly off-key) to Florence and the Machine, The Head and The Heart, and anything else pumping through her earbuds. But as GBBN’s marketing manager she’s right on pitch. Jennifer oversees GBBN’s marketing, communications, and public relations initiatives across all markets. She’s a flexible and patient consensus-builder who works with her team, firm leadership, and a growing a growing workforce in the United States and China to ensure that GBBN’s diverse, creative voices share an authentic and cohesive brand message.

Professional Highlights

Board Member, OneSource Center

Past President, Greater Cincinnati Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)

Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, C-Change, Class 6

Presenter, Brand Transformation: The Inside/Outside Approach, SMPS Pinnacle Experience

News & Insights

"13,000+ miles of stone built on high mountain peaks before electricity was even a thought: Spending a day climbing (and sometimes crawling up) the Great Wall of China gave me perspective on if you think something is impossible, be resourceful and patient to find a solution that will accomplish feats." - Jennifer Sebranek