Kristin Greeley

Inspired by the poetics of space, Kristin is an interior designer with a deep appreciation of how artistry, technology, and flow can transform people’s experiences through physical space. Part detective, part innovator, she approaches a project by understanding its users’ needs, its physical context, and the community (and history) of which it’s a part. Focusing on healthcare, Kristin seeks opportunities to create spaces that are healing and supportive of everyone whose life they touch.

Whether in gardening, bicycling, hiking, or making art, Kristin follows her passion and finds community in a wide range of activities.

Professional Highlights

Board Member & Creative Team Lead, TEDxMinneapolis

Leadership team & Racer, The Hub Cycling Team

Adjunct Professor, Dunwoody College of Technology

woman Racing and riding have always been a way to focus my energy, move my body, and connect with my mind. As a competitive track racer for 5 years, I’ve trained with Olympic gold medalists in the sport, developed discipline, and pushed my limits. It has helped me grow on and off the bike. You can often find me in the community at group rides, participating in local races, and of course cheering on my fellow teammates.