Vince Tafolla



Fascinated by language’s ability to seduce, transport, and clarify, Vince is skilled in the art of persuasive speaking and writing (more than skilled, he holds a Ph.D is Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley). Vince helps our project teams narrate their work and articulate their approach to difficult design problems. Outside the office, you might find him lazing about with one of his family’s foster greyhounds, reading Plato, or exploring Red River Gorge.

Professional Highlights

Author, “Philosophical Eroticism, or How Socrates Made Me a Man,” Ancient Philosophy, 38.2 (Fall 2018).

Author, Community & Constraint: The Crisis at the Heart of Plato’s Protagoras,” Philosophy & Rhetoric, 48.2 (Spring 2015).

Speaker, “Whose Public? A Response to Dworin’s ‘Sappho on the Noble & the Beautiful,’” The Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Ancient Philosophy Society, University of Kentucky (2015).

“I try to avoid taking myself too seriously.” – Vince Tafolla